Voskos Greek Yogurt

Healthy Recipes & Nutrition Tips from VOSKOS Greek Yogurt

Looking for easy, delicious meals that will not just please your family but will also keep everyone healthy? The VOSKOS team of cooks and nutritionists is here to help, with a large collection of healthy, high protein, low fat recipes.

The VOSKOS Greek Yogurt app was developed to help you make better food choices and find recipes that are not just tasty and easy to make but are also healthy. The app also includes access to Voskos Greek Yogurt product information, Coupons, Contests, and Store Locator.

The app includes over 100 recipes, with more added each month. Most recipes are categorized as “easy” and require just a few ingredients. They contain detailed nutritional information, so you can keep track of your nutrition goals.

The VOSKOS Recipes app also includes:

-Recipe search by keyword, to make it easier for you to find the recipes you need.
-Favorite Recipes tool enables you to create a list of your favorite VOSKOS recipes.
-Detailed nutrition information for most recipes.
-Videos from Mary’s Kitchen, demonstrating how to make easy, quick, no-cook healthy recipes. Mary’s recipes are ideal for busy students, parents, and for anyone who simply doesn’t have the time to make recipes that call for complex cooking instructions or a long list of ingredients.
-High-protein, low fat, low sugar recipes by expert and high profile nutritionists.
-Voskos Greek Yogurt product and nutritional information.
-A store locator to help you find VOSKOS where you live.

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